The Chartreux cat has a good appetite. Being an excellent hunter, it likes to e at meat. Hence, a nutrition that matches its needs is very important. Any breeder will inform you about this. Like any other cat, the Chartreux cat can't take a radical change in its usual food.

One should pay particular attention to the shape of adult and castrated animals when they have little exercise.


Care and health

The chartreux cat enjoys a robust health so the veterinarian rarely sees it, apart from the vaccinations to be repeated every year. The chartreux cat likes to go out in cold weather or snow, however, it needs a warm sleeping place. The tomcats should be brushed once a week the rare way, the cats are not in need of that much brushing. A soft brush with nature hair or a massage brush should be used. Stroking intensively and regularly is part of the fur care! The breeder likes to convey further care instructions to you.

Pflege Gesundheit


The education starts at the breeders home in the early kitten age: Cleanness, eating habits, saving the furnishings .... They is up to you to continue these good principles, your chartreuses will otherwise take "your" education very fast It can't be trained like a dog, however, needs rituals, habits and clues. A change is always welcome to it. It needs the proximity and security of the family and loves to be stroked or carried by its reference person.