Adopting a Chartreux Kitten


The valid breeding guidelines of the Fifé apply.

The kittens will be handed over at the earliest from the completed 14th week of life. If, for example, the bond between the mother cat and her kittens is still too close, the breeder decides when a later release will take place.

The little ones are properly dewormed and have full vaccination protection when they are delivered: the basic immunization with the 8th-9th week and the revaccination with the 12.-13. Week. It is vaccinated against cat cold, cat epidemic, strongly recommended also against leukosis, documented in the vaccination card by the veterinarian. Each kitten receives a microchip for identification. If desired, after consultation with the breeder, a rabies vaccination can be given from the 12th week.
The determination of the blood group and a basic immunization against leukosis can still be carried out by arrangement with the breeder if you intend to breed with your cat later or to exhibit it.

If you plan to start breeding or to present your Chartreux in a cat show, the blood type can be determined and a basic immunization against Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) can be provided in agreement with the breeder. Moreover, the breeder will show you the official pedigree of the cat parents as well as their vaccination documents. In all cases a writen sale contract is signed.

Your breeder will answere all your questions about handling, feeding and health care. Together with the kitten, the breeder will hand out some feed, cat litter and toys familiar to the kitten to help him settling in his new family.

If you have further questions related to your Chartreux kitten, please do not hesitate to contact the office of the 1. DCHA e.V.