Standard LOOF - Standard FIFé

Why are there for the cat breed Chartreux two different standards, one of the LOOF and one of the FIFé ? this well-taken question can be answered with some short sentences.

The Breeding of the Chartreux cat has it's origin in France. There, however, the guide lines and standards for cat breeding are given by a central agency termed LOOF, which is the abriviation for Livre Officiel des Origines Félines. The LOOF constituted the standard for Chartreux cats, which is valid for all french Chartreux breeders.

Outside France breeding standards are usually given by breeding asscociation and their federations, e.g. the Fédération International Féline (FIFé). Being under the patronate of the 1. DEKZV, the statues and the breeding guidelines of the FIFé and 1. DEKZV e.V. apply to the members of the 1st German Breed Association of Chartreux Cats (1. DCHA e.V.). The FIFé standard is close to that of the LOOF, however, it differs at some points. Therefore both standards are given below.