Official Carthusian CHA Standard (FIFE)

General A clear distinction should be drawn between the Chartreux and the Russian Blue and the British Blue. Crossing of the Chartreux with these two breeds is undesirable.
Size Medium to large.
Head Shape/jowls Skull, not bulging, with a narrow, flat space between the ears. The jowls lend the head the shape of a trapezium, wide at the base, narrow at the top.
Nose Broad and straight, not snubbed.
Muzzle The extremity of the muzzle may jut out from the jowls.
Ears Size Medium in size.
Placement Set high on the head giving the cat an alert look; slightly flaring.
Eyes Shape Large and open, not too rounded; the outer corner being slightly turned upwards.
Colour Vivid. From deep yellow to deep copper; no traces of green, no watery, i.e. faded colour tones. The colour should be pure; preference will be given to the most intensive colour.
Body Structure Solid, firm, muscular. Broad, well developed chest. The Chartreux, above all the male, should always appear solid in relation to its size.
Legs Of medium length in proportion to the body, strong muscles, not too high.
Paws Large
Tail It may taper, but the tip must be rounded in shape. Of the same colour as the body.Of medium length, in proportion to the body
Coat Structure Glossy, dense; slightly woolly at the base, luxurious in growth. Double coat, making the hair stand out.
Colour All shades of blue are permissible, ranging from pale blue-grey to a deeper blue-grey, pale blue-grey is preferred. Uniformity in tone is essential.
Nasenspiegel / Fußballen There is an important difference between the male and the female; the female is significantly smaller, has a narrower chest and is less chubby in the cheeks than the male. However, she also should be robust and well muscled.
Notes with the adult Kater well developed cheeks, which go less with the cat into action. Between Kater and cat exists a substantial difference, the cat is clearly smaller than the Kater, has a narrower chest and not like that pronounced cheeks like the Kater. It should be however durable and good muskulös.
Faults Nose Nose snubbed
Eyes Traces of green, or watery, faded tones in eye colour.
Coat White hairs, too pronounced difference in colour to the undercoat, shading, ghostmarkings, tipping, brownish or reddish tinges in the coat colour.

Points scale

Total 100 Points
Head General shape, nose; jaws and teeth, forehead, chin, placement and shape of the ears, shape and size of the eyes 25 Points
Eyes Colour 10 Points
Body Shape, size, bone structure, shape of legs and paws. 25 Points
Tail Shape and length. 10 Points
Coad Colour, quality and texture, length. 25 Points
Condition   5 Points